Emergency Dentist in Southfield, MI

The patients in our Southfield dentist office depend on Bright Side Dental & Orthodontics not just for routine dental care, but also for emergency care. We aren’t dentists just between 9 and 5, we’re here for you evenings and weekends too. Our after-hours number is always staffed by a live person, so you can call any time.

If constant tooth pain is causing you issues reach out to Bright Side Dental - Southfield online or call (248) 289-8624

Emergency Dentist in Southfield, MI

What Is a Dental Emergency?

Sometimes a dental emergency is obvious, but at other times, you may not be sure your issue is truly an emergency. We don’t want you to ever hesitate to call our Southfield dentist's office. Your dental health — and your peace of mind — are our top concerns. Below, we list some common dental emergencies to give you an idea of the type of situation you should consider urgent.

  • Pain: Mild pain that improves when you take pain relievers is not an emergency, but searing pain that keeps you awake at night definitely is. Regardless of whether you know the reason for your pain, call our office to talk to a dentist.
  • Bleeding: Bleeding after a tooth extraction or after your child loses a tooth naturally is to be expected. But bleeding that continues for many hours can be a concern. Call us if you’re having trouble getting the bleeding to stop.
  • Infection: Signs of infection include redness, swelling, tenderness, throbbing pain, fever, sensitivity to hot and cold, sensitivity to pressure, swollen lymph nodes, and a bad taste in the mouth. An infection can be dangerous. Call us right away if you think you have an infection.
  • Tooth trauma: A broken or knocked-out tooth is often the result of an auto accident, a sports injury, or a fight. We may be able to repair your tooth if you can recover it (or the pieces). Call our office for instructions on how to preserve the tooth properly.
  • Broken bones in the face: Broken bones are also usually the result of trauma. You might assume you should head to the emergency room, but ERs rarely have an oral and maxillofacial surgeon on duty. For broken bones in the face, call us first.
  • Broken braces: An errant wire on your braces may be temporarily remedied with wax, but at other times, it can be dangerous, resulting in lacerations to your mouth, lips, or tongue. If your braces break, give our office a call.
  • Broken or lost fillings or crowns: Rarely, a filling or crown will fall out. If you notice and are able to recover it, save it in case we can reattach it. In the meantime, you might feel fine, but you also may be in pain and need attention right away. That’s when you should call us.
  • Broken bridges or dentures: Broken bridges or dentures are not always an emergency, but if it interferes with your eating, it can be. Call our office if your bridge or dentures break.

Waiting to get medical attention when you have a dental emergency can result in permanent damage to your teeth or mouth. When you have one of the dental problems above, give us a call and we’ll help you determine if the situation is an emergency.

Bright Side Dental & Orthodontics of Southfield is here for you for all your dental emergencies.

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