Sterling Heights Emergency Dentist

No one wants to have an emergency, but if the day should come when you or someone in your family has a dental emergency, what might make it a little easier is knowing that the dentists at Bright Side Dental & Orthodontics in Sterling Heights are here for you, after-hours.

If you have a dental emergency call (586) 229-1916 or contact us online. Our Sterling Heights emergency dentists are ready to help.

Sterling Heights Emergency Dentist

What Is a Dental Emergency?

Sometimes a dental emergency is obvious. But at other times, you may not be sure your situation qualifies as a dental emergency. Below, we list some circumstances in which you should call us to help you determine whether you need emergency dental care.

  • Persistent pain: Sometimes pain seems to come out of nowhere, without warning. When this pain is in your teeth, face, or mouth, it may be a dental emergency.
  • Persistent bleeding: Whether you have had a tooth extraction, or your child has lost a tooth naturally, the bleeding should stop within minutes or hours. If it does not, it could signal a problem and you should contact our dentist's office right away.
  • Signs of infection: These include swelling, redness, tenderness, throbbing pain, sensitivity to heat and cold, sensitivity to pressure, fever, swollen lymph nodes, bad taste in the mouth, and difficulty breathing or swallowing. An infection could be the result of a dental procedure you had, a dental abscess or a number of other conditions. Call us right away.
  • Broken facial or jaw bones: When you have broken bones in the face, it is often the result of an accident, injury, or fight. Sometimes patients automatically head to the emergency room, but this isn’t always the best idea. ERs often do not have oral and maxillofacial surgeons on staff. Save time and money and call us first.
  • Tooth trauma: If your tooth has been broken or knocked out, call us right away. We’ll give you directions on how best to preserve the tooth or the pieces while you’re heading to our office.
  • Broken braces: When braces break, the sharp wire can cause serious harm to your mouth, tongue, or lips. Call us if your braces break.
  • Broken or lost restorations: A broken or lost filling or crown may cause pain, but it doesn’t always. If your filling or crown falls out, try to save it, because we may be able to reattach it.
  • Broken bridges or dentures: If your bridge or dentures break, this may constitute a dental emergency, especially if you can’t eat without them. Call us to discuss the situation.

When you have a dental problem after hours and you’re not sure if it’s an emergency, call our dentist's office. If you have a true emergency and you don’t get medical attention, it could result in permanent damage. If it’s not an emergency, we’ll tell you not to worry and to call the office in Bloomfield Hills when it opens.

It’s always better to be on the safe side. Contact Bright Side Dental in Sterling Heights when you have a dental emergency.

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