Bedazzle Your Smile

Want to try something new and different? Want to try tooth jewelry? You might be thinking that I’m yanking your chain, but I’m totally not. There is such a thing as jewelry for your teeth. They are called Smile Gems and they are really something cool to check out to jazz up your smile. Your Bright Side Dental in Canton can show you how Smile Gems work and help you add some pizzazz to your smile today!

Smile Gems are made from Swarovski crystals. They add a pop of color and sparkle to your teeth. You can choose which tooth or teeth to have the Smile Gem applied to. Smile Gems require no drilling or numbing shots. They last about a year and can be removed easily by your dentist before that if you choose. Your dentist at Bright Side Dental in Canton can show you some samples and pictures of other happy patients who’ve added some bling to their smiles!

You’ve undoubtedly heard of bedazzling. Bedazzling is a popular way to add charm or excitement to clothing or other items by adding rhinestones or gems. Smile gems are bedazzling for your teeth, if you will. Of course, most people just use one gem on one tooth to add a little something but it’s up to you how many teeth you’d like to bedazzle. It’s a totally safe way to add some excitement to your smile. It’s a great alternative for people interested in a dental grill but don’t want anything too extreme. Smile Gems are the answer if you want to subtly add some interest to your smile.

Do you live or work in Indianapolis and are in need of a new dentist for yourself or your whole family? Check out Bright Side Dental. Bright Side Dental is proud to offer comprehensive dental care for all age ranges. Orthodontic care is available as well. Conveniently located on North Keystone Ave, Bright Side Dental also offers evening and weekend hours so that busy working families can find a time that works to come in and have your dental treatment.

If Smile Gems sound like something you might be interested, please call Bright Side Dental today at 1-800-PAINLESS or visit their website to learn more about your cosmetic dentistry options. You can also learn about the other services offered by Bright Side Dental. New patients can receive their exam and x-rays for just $35 which is a great savings. Bright Side Dental works with most insurance companies and financing is available as well.

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