Meet Our Dentists: Dr. Grytzelius And Dr. Kapoor

Dr. Derek Grytzelius D.D.S.
Dr. Derek Grytzelius has been an important member of the Michigan dentists, Bright Side dental team for 10 years. He graduated from Dakota High School in Macomb and he received his Bachelor’s In Science degree as well as his Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of Detroit Mercy. He was recently married and enjoys playing roller hockey, camping, and fishing. Dr. Grytzelius Dr. Grytzelius is one of the several multi-faceted dentists at Bright Side Dental, where we offer all your dental needs under one roof. We specialize in Emergency Dentistry. When you call, you will most likely get in that day and have your pain or broken tooth handled by the time you leave the office!

Dr. Kamini Kapoor D.D.S., M.S.
Dr. Kapoor has practiced periodontal surgery for 16 years. Having graduated from the esteemed Columbia University’s School of Dental and Oral Surgery in 1986, she then went on to do a one-year hospital residency at the Ann Arbor, V.A. in Michigan.Dr. Kapoor

Upon the completion of her residency at the Ann Arbor, VA, she embarked upon a three-year Periodontal Surgical Internship at Ohio State University. After her post-doctoral graduation in 1990, she continued to take advanced classes to keep up with contemporary developments and procedures in Periodontics. Dr. Kapoor is a board eligible periodontist. She travels here to Michigan from  her home in California to perform all of our periodontal surgery. Dr. Kapoor is a licensed dentist in the state of Michigan.

*She is not certified as a periodontal specialist by the Michigan Dental Board.

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