Toothache Pain: When Is It Time To Call Your Dentist?

Anyone who has ever experienced a toothache will tell you that it can be a miserable and agonizing event. A bad enough toothache can render you helpless and make functioning nearly impossible until the pain is relieved. I had a friend who stayed up all night once with a debilitating toothache and compared it to the pain of childbirth! So what causes a toothache? Toothaches can be caused by decay, a cracked or broken tooth, an infection or abscess. Whatever the cause, if you are experiencing a toothache, you likely want it fixed and fixed right away.

While most people who experience a toothache want help and relief immediately, there are some people who when suffering with a toothache will try to wait out the pain for various reasons. They may be anxious about visiting a dentist or unable to find the time or money to take care of the problem. People sometimes think a toothache will eventually go away on its own if you wait long enough. The truth is that a toothache will rarely go away on its own, especially if caused by an infection. The infection will need to be addressed, often with an antibiotic and then a dental procedure, in order to heal the infection for good.

Do you know what a dental abscess is? It is an infection that can lead to a pus pocket on your gums and it should be treated right away. Symptoms can include pain, swelling, red gums, a terrible taste in your mouth, and even a fever. Call your dentist right away if you are experiencing any of these symptoms.

In an attempt to avoid visiting the dentist, some people may try home remedies they’ve either read about on the internet or been told about by a friend or relative. I had an uncle who swore by swishing with salt water whenever he had a toothache. He’d insist the water needed to be warm. It was his special toothache mouthwash. I’m not sure how effective it was, but I do know he would tell anyone about it who would listen! Me, on the other hand, I know to leave these types of things to the professionals…my dentist! Your dentist can help you with a toothache, and right away! Bright Side Dental offers same day emergency appointments so they can help you quickly. I keep 1-800-234-7645 in my cell phone so I know I can reach Bright Side Dental at any time.

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