Affordable & Convenient Dentist Payment Plans

Do you need to visit the dentist, but you are plagued with concerns over cost? At Bright Side Dental – Farmington, we understand that people have concerns over the cost of treatment and we want to help make visit both affordable and convenient. First of all, our Farmington dentist office works with most dental insurances. If you have dental insurance but aren’t sure what it covers, call Bright Side Dental at 1-800-PAINLESS. A friendly and knowledgeable insurance coordinator can help you learn about your dental insurance benefits.

With just a little bit of information from you, Bright Side Dental’s insurance coordinator can get a complete breakdown of your dental insurance benefits and let you know what you can expect your plan to cover. You can find out if regular cleanings and checkups are covered for you and your family. Many plans cover these appointments twice per year. Take advantage of what your plan has to offer! WE can help you maximize your benefits and make the most of your plan.

When you are a patient at Bright Side Dental, you’ll have a complete treatment plan written up just for you. After your examination with your dentist, you’ll know what you need to have done, what the cost is, and what your insurance plan will cover. If there is a portion you will owe, Bright Side Dental wants you to know you have options when it comes to payment. Bright Side Dental is proud to offer financing to their patients. Financing can make paying for your dental treatment a lot more convenient. Bright Side Dental works with Care Credit and there are different interest free options available. You can even be pre-approved online. Visit www.carecredit.com for more information, or to apply.

Bright Side Dental also offers many special coupons and savings to their patients. There are coupons for savings on braces, dentures, major dental work, cleanings for adults and children and much more. There are savings to be had on teeth whitening as well. Not to mention, Bright Side Dental always offers a free consultation for braces or Invisalign, so if you or your children are interested in orthodontics, you have nothing to lose! You can find out what the treatment would involve and the cost, and there’s no obligation to you when you schedule your free consultation.

Another way Bright Side Dental in Farmington helps offset their patient’s cost is through their referral program. If you refer friends, family, or coworkers (or neighbors, strangers, or anyone for that matter!) they are sure to thank you with a credit to your account. Call 1-800-PAINLESS for more information, and next time you visit, be sure to ask for referral cards. Your recommendation is much appreciated!

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