Gentle Dentistry Offered At Bright Side Dental, Michigan Family Dentist

Imagine a whole new approach in dentistry.  No longer the cold, sterile office. No stuck-up assistants who make you wait without end and then shuffle you from one room to another. Starting from the moment you enter this office, you will experience gentle dentistry. You will notice a big difference not only in the way that you are welcomed into the office and how you are communicated with, but with the efficient way that it is seen to that what you came for is completely handled that day, if at all feasible, and always in the least time possible.

Bright Side Dental, a Michigan family dentist, has long specialized in the newest level of advanced dentistry – an entirely different level of care and consideration for the patient – that is gentle dentistry. This standard of dentistry was created by the dentists who founded Bright Side Dental, Dr. Abraham Gershonowicz and Dr. James Neme. Their strategy continues to create a practice where the patients are treated to the standard that they, these doctors would like to be treated if they were in the office getting their own dental work done.

As an example, advanced dental technology is a very important part of the approach to gentle dentistry.  Bright Side Dental offers the latest high-tech dental procedures using innovative equipment that will make your visit to the dentist just that much more comfortable and convenient. They strive to provide the patients with the highest quality, most up-to-date modern care.

For instance, the use of the new laser cavity detection system, Diagnodent which is a pen-like probe that sends a signal to the dentist when decay is discovered. Early cavity detection is possible with Diagnodent, allowing the dentists to locate tooth decay even before it will otherwise be detected by sight or sensed with a dental instrument. This advanced level of early decay detection is a significant tool for gentle dentistry because a cavity can be can be easily discovered well in advance of a time when any extensive dental work needs to be done.

With an Intra-Oral Camera the complete and thorough perception of the oral cavity is possible, and this can really help to prevent the pain and discomfort that can be associated with dental health. The Intra-Oral Camera looks like a pen but is a tiny digital camera that is easily moved throughout the mouth.  Images of the teeth are projected onto a monitor for the doctor and patient to use as a tool in dental care.  Another benefit of the Intra-Oral Camera is that the it can magnify minuscule fractures in silver fillings that have aged or cracks in the structure of the tooth and enamel, impossible to be perceived by the naked eye.

Bright Side Dental, Michigan family dentist, is highly proficient in emergency dental care. When a call comes in from a patient in pain or with a broken tooth, that patient is scheduled that day, whenever possible. Upon arrival in the office the source of the patient’s trouble is located, and treatment is prescribed. Treatment is begun immediately and completed that day, if at all feasible. This affords much relief to the patient, and saves much time and inconvenience.

Call today for a gentle dentist appointment with Bright Side Dental, located in Canton, Livonia and Sterling Heights, Michigan.

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