Meet Dr. Gershonowicz

My name is Abe Gershonowicz, and I have been working in the dental industry since 1978.  I received my undergraduate degree from Wayne State University and earned my dental degree from the University of Michigan. I started a practice in Sterling Heights where I met my business partner, Dr. James Neme in 1994 and we came together to create Bright Side Dental in 2005. The first Bright Side Dental office was opened in Livonia, and we have grown our practice to include nine locations throughout Metro Detroit, including my original Sterling Heights office, and we are continuing to expand.

What sets Bright Side Dental apart from other dental practices is that each office has a dentist onsite who owns their facility and has a vested interest in the practice and each patient. We specifically choose locations that are easily seen and can be accessed without difficulty. We believe it is important to have an active role in the health and education of the community, so we spend time educating community members on the importance of oral health through elementary schools all the way up to senior centers.

My utmost passion is educating not only the hundreds of patients who come through our offices every day, also but making sure our staff is provided with top-notch training and instruction so that we can deliver the best service possible.

When I’m not working I enjoy spending time with my beautiful wife, my three children, and my four grandchildren.

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