Get To Know Your Bright Side Dental Farmington Team!

Have you driven by the Bright Side Dental location in Farmington, Michigan? Maybe you’ve seen the sign and been curious about whether or not it may be the right dental home for you and your family. Let me help you get to know the Bright Side Dental located in Farmington so that you may feel comfortable and welcomed to call and set up your first visit.

Bright Side Dental has multiple locations throughout metro Detroit. You can visit the website to learn more about the various locations. You can chat online with a helpful staff member who can advise you which location is closest to your home, work or school. You can even set up an appointment online if you find that to be convenient. If you prefer to call, 1-800-PAINLESS is the number to call.

The Bright Side Dental in Farmington is conveniently located at 34505 Grand River Avenue in Farmington, Michigan 48335. While there are many professional, friendly, helpful and caring members of the staff who will gladly welcome you to the office during your first visit, the team is led by Dr. Remi Sarna, D.D.S. A little background on Dr. Sarna is that she received her Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Dental Surgery degrees from the University of Michigan. She specializes in evidence-based dentistry and takes pride in staying current with the latest dental research, techniques and developments.

Dr. Sarna is a member of the American Dental Association and Academy of General Dentistry, She has a background in dental and oral health research. Highly respected for her studies, she was selected to present her work nationally and at the International Association of Dental Research 2010 meeting in Spain. On a personal note, Dr. Sarna resides in Northville with her husband, two children and dog. In addition to spending time with her family, Dr. Sarna enjoys cooking and traveling.

Bright Side Dental in Farmington is proud to offer complete dental care for the entire family, including braces. It is so very convenient to have all aspects of care taken care of in one location. It saves moms and dads from driving to multiple offices and setting up new appointments with new providers. It is far more convenient and comfortable to have orthodontic treatment done at the same location you already visit for cleanings and other dental care.

Please call Bright Side Dental to set up your first visit. New patients are invited to take advantage of a special offer of $35 for exam and x-rays.

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