Dentist Visit During Spring Break: Your Kids Might Groan But Their Smiles Will Thank You

Looking for something fun and exciting to do with the kids over spring break?  How about a visit to the dentist?  Ok, so a visit to your dentist may not exactly be “fun” or “exciting” but it will definitely be good for your kids and you’ll feel glad you went afterwards (especially if everyone gets a  cavity-free thumbs up!).  Plus, your hygienist can clean all of those leftover Peeps and jelly beans out of your child’s teeth.

If you find your family has extra time during spring break, make it useful and schedule your family’s cleanings and checkups at your dentist office!

Sometimes we ignore those friendly reminders our dental office sends us informing us that it’s time for our dental cleaning.  The problem is trying to find the time to round up the gang and make it to the dentist office for a scheduled appointment.  We all have such busy schedules, heck my kids have more going on than I do!  It’s hard to keep all of the schedules straight sometimes and because of this, routine stuff like dental cleanings can slip to the back burner.

Dental health is too important to let your cleaning schedule slide.  Regular cleanings and checkups are so important to the health of your child’s smile.  The goal of a dental checkup is prevention of problems down the road.  If you have extra time during break, why not take advantage and take care of some business by setting up cleanings.  Remember, your family needs a cleaning and checkup every six months.  If you can’t remember when your family last had their checkups, I’d recommend you call your dental office and inquire about when you’re all due for a visit.

A cleaning appointment is about so much more than just cleaning your teeth.  At your regular checkup and cleaning, your family is screened for decay, gum disease, oral cancer, orthodontic needs, and more.  I’ve also found that a visit to the dentist helps reinvigorate the family’s commitment to taking really good care of their teeth.  It’s a motivation of sorts.  And getting a brand new shiny toothbrush never hurt either!  Most kids appreciate the bag of goodies including floss, toothpaste, and a toothbrush.

A big part of the regular dental visit is education.  The hygienist who cleans your family’s teeth will discuss the proper way to floss and remind you and your kids how often to brush (at least twice per day) and give you pointers on maintaining a healthy smile.  We all know a mother can repeat the same instructions every day until she’s blue in the face and a child may very well ignore her, but have a hygienist or dentist deliver the exact same instructions and you may be surprised just how absorbent your little “sponge” becomes.

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