Why It’s Important to Schedule Regular Teeth Cleanings With Your Dentist

teeth cleaning

Many people think that if their teeth don’t hurt, they’re fine. They may brush them a couple of times a day and use mouthwash when they remember, but that’s it. There are many other reasons that you should get regular cleanings with your dentist. Here are a few.

1. It Keeps Your Mouth Healthy

When you brush and floss daily, it can help keep your mouth healthy and free of cavities. However, only a professional cleaning will remove plaque and tartar that’s been allowed to build up on teeth over time. Brushing isn’t strong enough to break past those layers that form from neglecting your teeth.

2. It Keeps Teeth Whiter

Over time, plaque and tartar can stain the teeth and degrade their luster. The stains start in a yellowish tone and then turn into brown spots. A deep tooth cleaning at your dentist’s office is the only way to remove these marks, resulting in whiter teeth that look brighter and more youthful than before.

3. It Prevents Bad Breath

If you have a problem with bad breath, it’s likely due to the food particles that get caught between the teeth and along the gums. They start to decay, releasing a foul odor into your mouth. You may brush and floss daily, but those food particles are unlikely to break past the surface of your teeth. Only a cleaning at the dentist’s office can remove them and get rid of your bad breath.

4. It Prevents Tooth Decay

Untreated tooth decay affects more than one in four (26%) Americans. When plaque and tartar sit on the teeth for too long, they can eat through the enamel. Once this happens, your teeth become weak and vulnerable to decay. Getting regular cleanings is important because it helps prevent the damage you end up paying for later with fillings, root canals, crowns, or even tooth extractions.

5. Helps Prevent Gum Disease

Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss for adults. When plaque and tartar sit on or between the teeth, it can irritate the gums, causing them to become inflamed. They may swell, bleed, and taste funny. If you don’t treat the problem early, it could lead to more serious health conditions.

One of the most important reasons for routine teeth cleaning is to help stop tooth decay. If you wait too long between visits, it can cause irreversible damage to your teeth. Call us today to schedule your next teeth cleaning.

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