How Oral Health Impacts Your Overall Health

Between our overall physical health and our dental health, oral health can sometimes fall to the wayside. We know that we need to see our primary care physicians on a regular basis for our general health, and we know that we need to see dentists in order to care for our teeth. But many people don’t realize that dentists are also vital to maintaining our overall oral health. Although you probably know in general that “oral health” refers to the health of your mouth, you may not realize exactly how much your oral health affects your overall health. Although roughly 95% of all Americans regard oral health as a critical part of their overall well-being, many don’t understand how maintaining that health actually works.

What Affects My Oral Health?

There are a lot of issues that can affect your oral health. One thing, is, of course, your dental health. When your teeth are not healthy, it can be difficult for the rest of you to be truly healthy. Your teeth can crack and break down when you don’t care for them properly, which can ultimately be linked to infections and other issues.

Additionally, you need to make sure that you’re caring for your tongue and gums. Your tongue should be brushed alongside your teeth. Flossing, in turn, is key to not only maintaining your teeth but your gums. If you develop gingivitis or, worse, periodontitis, your gums can become worn down and injured.

For all of these reasons, you need to make sure that you visit dentists on a regular basis. Dentists will perform oral health checks, not only ensuring that your mouth is generally healthy but checking for tumors as well. Oral cancer is not common, but these cancer screenings are of vital importance.

How Can Oral Health Issues Affect the Rest of My Body?

One common oral health issue are abscesses, which are often linked to tooth decay or damage. If an abscess is left to develop as is, it could eventually poison your bloodstream, causing fevers and even severe illness.

As previously mentioned, oral cancer can develop as well, and your mouth must be checked regularly. Unchecked tumors can present serious health problems. But in general, your mouth should be kept clean and regularly inspected. Doing so will ensure that small issues can be handled quickly, assuring your general health.

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