Why Do Dentists Take X-Rays?

When you get dental services once a year, you may wonder why the dentist always takes x-rays of your mouth. This is a common practice and there are several valid reasons why this is performed. Some of these include information about the development of a child’s teeth that cannot be visually seen and identifying cavities in adults as soon as possible. According to NIDCR, for adults between 20 and 63 years of age, 60% report going for dentist services once a year. In short, the information from an x-ray helps dentists care better for your teeth.

Dentist Services and X-Rays

X-rays give the dentist the ability to see the parts of your teeth that aren’t visible. It allows them to see between teeth and underneath the gumline. Just like a medical x-ray at the doctor’s office, the image allows the dentist to see all of each tooth including the root. Even with crowns and implants, x-rays are still a very valuable diagnostic tool for dentist services.

Identifying Problems Before They Become Issues

Even in children, x-rays can help identify any potential or current problems before they become significant issues. In addition to identifying cavities, x-rays can help detect abscesses, cysts, or atypical growths. The image also helps dentists ensure that children’s teeth are growing correctly and don’t become impacted.

Growth and Development

As children grow, their teeth and jawline also develop. X-rays help with the assessment of their growth. Bone development around the teeth is also a part of the examination for both children and adults.

Frequency and Number of X-Rays

The number of x-rays needed for depends on age, risk factors, and overall oral health. While more x-rays made be needed to monitor oral health, particularly in growing children, many dentists now use digital x-rays making the process quick and simple.

Today, 3.5 billion people globally are affected by oral disease. Four in 100,000 will develop oral cancer. Many of these issues can be identified early and treated by knowledgeable dental care professionals. Dentist services use the detailed information gained through x-ray technology to diagnose and monitor oral issues. It also gives them the information they need to develop treatment plans to prevent and care for oral health problems.

While heading to the dentist for an exam and x-rays may not seem like a fun thing to do, your oral health affects and can cause health issues in other parts of the body. That makes it well worth taking the time out to care for your oral health. Give us a call today for more information.

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