How Often Do You Need Teeth Cleaning?

teeth cleaning

You’re not alone if you can’t remember the last time you stepped foot into your dentist’s office. According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, 12% of adults between the ages of 20 and 64 haven’t seen a dentist in the last five years! Some people are uneasy about these appointments due to either general discomfort with the dentist or because they’re worried about the state of their teeth. Others may have moved and never got around to signing up as a new patient at their local dentist’s office. However, routine dental visits are well worth the effort. Visiting the dentist for teeth cleaning and other services can provide you peace of mind. The more routine your visits, the less likely you’ll be met with any surprises.

Benefits of Teeth Cleaning

Getting your teeth cleaned is one of the most common and straightforward dental procedures. Unless you go in for emergency surgery, an exam and teeth cleaning are usually the first order when you visit a dentist, no matter how long it’s been since your last visit. While this appointment may not seem like a big deal, it is crucially important to get your oral health back on track. Further, the cleaning removes built-up plaque and tartar, allowing your teeth and gums to be healthier. Routine cleaning prevents cavities and tooth loss while also alerting you to potential problems. This is important because it allows you to correct them before they become larger and more expensive problems to deal with. Let’s not forget that you’ll walk away from the dentist’s office with a brighter smile, too!

How Often to Have Your Teeth Cleaned

Substances like plaque and tartar will likely build up in your mouth over time. This is why many dentists agree that you should schedule a cleaning twice each year for optimal benefits. In the meantime, make sure to limit acidic and sugary foods, to brush twice daily with a soft toothbrush, and to floss daily. These simple practices will help improve your dental health significantly in between your teeth cleaning appointments.

If it’s been more than six months since your last dental appointment, it’s time to schedule a visit. It is better to schedule an appointment now than to encounter costly problems later. If you are looking for trusted dentists who truly care about your oral health, call Bright Side Dental today!

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