What to Do to Improve Your Smile

Having a beautiful smile is a source of confidence for many people. But not everyone is born with a perfect, straight smile, and they despair at their luck. Luckily, there’s a solution to every problem, and getting a brand-new smile is not hard at all.

Did you know that it takes 12 muscles to smile and 113 muscles to frown? That means it’s way easier to be happy and grin at the world than to frown all the time because you don’t feel like showing your teeth. There are several steps to take if you don’t like your current situation, so let’s find out more!

Getting Orthodontics

The most common solution for people who don’t like their smiles is orthodontic treatment. Actually, it is the first step to getting the best smile. But not everyone who is unhappy with their grin needs it. Orthodontics is used to straighten teeth properly, so you won’t have problems later such as cavities, stains due to being unable to clean properly, etc.

However, some people are so happy after they finish their orthodontic treatment, that they don’t opt for any more cosmetic dentistry.

Lightening Treatments

Now, another common cosmetic dentistry treatment is brightening your smile. Some people might have perfectly straight teeth, but they could be self-conscious about the yellow coloring they adopt over time, especially because it’s popular to have super white teeth nowadays.

Whitening treatments can improve your smile and confidence significantly. We recommend you ask your dental specialist about the level of whiteness you want, and they’ll surely suggest exactly what you need.

Getting Veneers

Another great option for cosmetic dentistry consists of getting veneers. These are white caps that snap on your teeth so you can show off a beautiful smile. Most of the time, you don’t require too much dental work done because you can get it. But they’re usually used for minor fixes like a broken tooth or uneven gum lines.

Dental Implants

The other option is to get dental implants. Unfortunately, you might lose teeth as you age or due to accidents. Sometimes, teeth get chipped or have to be removed for other reasons, and no one wants to have an empty spot in their mouth. Therefore, dental implants are the cosmetic dentistry solution in this case. They can be permanent or removable depending on what the patient wants.

Now that you know your options, you can decide how to improve your smile. And remember to visit Bright Side Dental and Orthodontics for all your cosmetic dentistry treatments!

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