Everything You Need to Know About Chipped Teeth

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Do chipped teeth make you uncomfortable when smiling? Tooth chipping may happen due to variations in the temperatures of foods you eat. Also, people get their teeth chipped due to injuries to the mouth or accidentally hitting the teeth with a hard object. Due to advancements in cosmetic dental services, veneers have made it possible to give chipped teeth a natural appearance of teeth to many people. You are probably wondering what veneers are and how they can help your teeth resume a natural appearance. Here are things you need to know about chipped teeth.

They May Lead to Tooth Decay

Chipped teeth weaken the enamel, making them susceptible to dental caries. The best way to avoid more complications due to chipped teeth is to install veneers. Veneers are unique porcelain that responds to heat and cold without causing cracks. The material is thin and feels natural, just like a regular tooth, and according to Animated-Teeth, it can stay up to 30 years without coming off. Also, the fact that they cover the front part of the tooth and not the entire tooth makes it feel like a tiny patch.

They May Make You Lose Confidence

A crack on the teeth may draw unwanted attention, especially when you laugh. Such reactions may make someone lose their confidence and avoid laughing in public. When installed, veneers blend in naturally with the teeth’ color and alignment. With excellent cosmetic dental service, no one can tell you have veneers and help you smile confidently.

Cracks Make it Hard to Maintain Your Teeth

Cracks can fill in food particles that may prove difficult to clean, causing darkening or discoloring of the teeth. To maintain proper dental hygiene, filling the cracks is appropriate. With veneers, it’s possible to keep your oral health in check. Unlike other dental treatments, the veneers are easy to maintain because you only need to brush your teeth twice and floss at least once a day.

Chipping May Result in Dental Caries

Dental chipping creates a hole that way accommodates space for bacteria to thrive. A cavity is likely to develop with more reaction and acidic contents from the bacteria, causing dental carries. Therefore, seeking an effective cosmetic dental service is crucial before removing your teeth.

If you are looking forward to covering some chips in your teeth or stubborn stains on your teeth, you can consider having veneers carefully installed on the surface of your teeth. Maintaining veneers is as easy as taking proper care of your teeth. Also, no one can detect veneers on the teeth when properly installed. Contact us for the best cosmetic dental service.

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