Can You Prevent Gum Disease?

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According to the CDC, 46% of people aged 30 and above show signs of gum disease, with the severe form affecting 9% of all adults. Gum disease is an illness affecting the structures supporting the teeth. Deteriorating gums affects the ability to chew food and dietary uptake.

People with gum disease are at risk of tooth loss. Some of the risk factors include tobacco consumption and poor oral hygiene. Luckily, gum disease is completely preventable. If you’re already dealing with the problem, you can get treatment from reputable dentist services if you have a severe form.

Here are three ways you can prevent gum disease.

1. Practice Good Oral Health

The CDC recommends the following practices for good oral health:

  • Brush daily: Brush twice a day, preferably after each meal. Use fluoride toothpaste and fluoridated water if possible. Brush in upwards-downward movements.
  • Floss daily: use waxed dental floss to remove food particles between teeth. Ensure you use a different floss portion for each tooth space.
  • Use antibacterial mouthwash: mouthwash kills bacteria and reduces the proliferation of bacteria. You could use a saline-based or alcohol-based mouthwash depending on your dentist’s recommendation.

2. Get a Dental Check Regularly

Schedule regular dental checks with top-notch dentist services, preferably twice a year. In your consultation with a dental service provider, report any discomfort you have felt. A dental visit may also involve a professional cleaning to remove plaque.

3. Make Dietary Changes

One of gum disease’s biggest causes is poor dietary intake. Excessive consumption of sugary food and snacks such as sweetened soft drinks, sweets, and cake contribute to tooth decay.

Another culprit of dental problems is tobacco. Tobacco ingredients make it difficult for your gum to self-heal. Although quitting is challenging, you will reap multiple health benefits, including healthier gums.

Eat more wholesome foods such as unprocessed rice, oatmeal, whole grain cereals, and fruits such as oranges and bananas. However, ensure to drink water to wash away all sugary residues.

Gum disease is quite common but preventable and treatable. If you follow our three tips, you are unlikely to have gum disease. Our dentist services can assist you if you are looking for quality and confidential dental services. Contact us today and begin your journey towards healthy gums.

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