Caring for Your Child’s Teeth: Tips for Parents

Caring for your child’s teeth is a significant undertaking as a parent. Did you know that approximately 42% of all children ages 2 to 11 have had at least one dental cavity in their primary teeth, according to the National Institutes of Health? Knowing how to help your children develop healthy oral habits is essential to prevent cavities, gum diseases, and other potential issues from arising later on in their lives. Let’s take a look at some tips for caring for your child’s teeth.

Brush and Floss Your Teeth Alongside Your Child

Once your child is old enough to begin brushing and flossing their own teeth, you can join them. Join them each morning and at night before bed. This will help to instill the habit of brushing and flossing as they get older, even once you no longer brush and floss with them.

Play Music While They Brush Their Teeth

Another way to get your child excited about brushing, flossing, and caring for their teeth is to play a song while they are getting started. There are also toothbrushes available that will play music for a set amount of time (usually 2 minutes). Playing music for at least 2 minutes each time your child brushes their teeth also ensures that they are brushing for an appropriate length of time.

Teach Your Child to Eat a Healthy Diet

Encourage your child to eat a healthy diet by serving whole foods, lean meats, nuts, and plenty of vegetables throughout each of their days. Avoid providing your child with processed foods that are packed with starches and sugars because these foods are major contributors to cavities. Consider alternatives to sugar such as Stevia and other plant-based solutions that don’t impact glucose and that don’t contribute to tooth rot.

Encourage Flossing and Brushing Between Meals

While it’s necessary to brush at least twice a day, it’s highly recommended to brush and floss after each meal and even after snacks. Encourage your child to brush their teeth and to floss regularly to prevent the buildup of plaque and other preventable bacteria in the mouth and in between their teeth.

Finding the right pediatric dentists can help significantly when it comes to instilling positive and healthy oral hygiene habits. With the right pediatric dentists by your child’s side, maintain your peace of mind knowing that their dental care and future are in the right hands. Are you searching for a team that can help your family? Give us a call to learn more about our dental services today.

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