Signs It’s Time to Visit an Orthodontist for Wisdom Teeth Removal

As teens grow older, it’s often necessary to have work done on wisdom teeth. These are large molars in the back of the mouth that sometimes cause problems as people get older. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 3% of adolescents aged 12 to 19 have never visited the dentist. If you start experiencing issues with your wisdom teeth, then you may need dental services. Let’s look at a few signs that you should visit the dentist about wisdom teeth removal.

Painful Mouth/Jaw

The main reason why most people have their wisdom teeth removed is because they cause them pain. These teeth usually come in later in the teen years. In most cases, a person’s mouth and teeth are already pretty well formed and set at this time. The introduction of wisdom teeth can often cause painful crowding, not to mention the pain of them coming through as well. If you want to avoid this pain, then you can visit dental services for help.

Interference With Orthodontic Care

If you’re already under the care of an orthodontist, then it might be necessary to have wisdom teeth removed. The arrival of wisdom teeth after orthodontic care has begun can change the formation of the teeth and the work that has already been done. You’ll need to speak with your dentist concerning what you should do.


One of the biggest risks of leaving wisdom teeth in place is that because they are very hard to clean, they are more susceptible to decay. When this happens, the tooth may become very painful very quickly. This can be due in part to the fact that wisdom teeth have very deep roots. This can cause pain down into your jaw and even the sides of your head as well. Having them removed at the dentist or orthodontist is a good option.


Even if you’re not in pain due to wisdom teeth, many people report that they simply make them uncomfortable. This is likely because they cause a certain amount of overcrowding in the mouth. By getting them looked at and removed, you can feel a lot more comfortable.

If you’re feeling any of these signs, then it’s important to get in touch with us today! You can talk with our team of dentists at Bright Side Dental to learn your different options. We want to help you feel more comfortable and pain-free.

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