Why You Should Take Your Child to the Dentist Early

Dental appointments are very important for people of all ages, especially for young children. Unfortunately, many parents overlook the importance of obtaining dental treatment for their kids. According to The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, 3% of teens never have had dental treatment. If you have young children, then here’s a closer look at why it is important to take them to the family dentists office while they are still very young.

Create Dental Benchmark

The very first dental appointment for anyone when they have teeth coming in will establish a benchmark for dental health. Hopefully, everything will be fine and only a basic cleaning is required along with some X-rays to record the health of the teeth, gums, and jaws. The X-rays and dental records will provide a starting point against which future dental visits will be measured. They will help the dentist to identify any changes and better determine their causes.

Prevent Tooth Decay

Regular visits to the dentist done two times a year will help to keep your children’s teeth clean and healthy. The cleanings will help to remove any plaque or tartar building that could lead to tooth decay and gum disease. If any tooth decay is detected, then the dentist can take care of the problem and help to ensure your young child will eventually grow a set of healthy adult teeth that should last a lifetime.

Identify Causes of Dental Problems

Young children eventually lose every tooth that they first grow when it is time for adult teeth to replace them. A trip to the family dentists office will help to monitor changes in your child’s dental health and ensure adult teeth grow into healthy teeth that are capable of lasting the rest of your child’s life. Your dentist also can teach your child how to brush and floss to help prevent a lifetime of dental procedures to replace old fillings and crowns.

Ensure Healthy Tooth Development

Young children are especially prone to teething problems until a full set of adult teeth are in place and in good health. A professional can help your child keep any baby teeth healthy and diagnose any problems that might develop during the transition to adult teeth. When the adult teeth come in, your dentist can help to keep them straight to ensure your child will be more confident when smiling and talking with others.

Do you want to ensure your child has a healthy smile? You can call to learn more and schedule an appointment for your child at our family dentists office. Give us a call today!

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