Ten Questions You Should Ask a Dentist Before Getting Veneers

Protecting your teeth is critical, which is why visiting a dentist office is smart. Are you in need of dental veneers? Are you interested in learning more about them? Ask these 10 questions when you visit your local dentist office to get the information you’ve been looking for. A dependable team will be happy to answer any of these questions to ensure you are knowledgeable about veneers before starting the process.

How Long Do They Last?

It makes sense to ask this question first. After all, you’re making a big investment in your oral health, especially when debating other therapies. Well, according to Insider, veneers should be replaced every 10-15 years or so. You can get their full use of 15 years by continuously maintaining them as directed.

Will It Take Long?

Fitting a veneer appointment into your schedule isn’t going to be easy, but it shouldn’t take too long to complete these appointments. The first typically takes no more than 30 to 60 minutes. After that assessment, your second appointment focuses on examining your teeth and getting a better idea of your veneer fit, so expect another 45 to 70 minutes. With the third appointment, the dentist fits the veneers on your teeth with cement, which can take about an hour or so! Each dental professional is different, so make sure you ask how long each appointment will take to ensure you are able to fit it into your schedule.

Does It Work For Me?

Even if you’ve done some research on veneers already, you may still not know if it’s right for you. Well, here’s a little checklist for you. Are you in great oral health and keep your teeth cleaned regularly? Do you have a lot of space between your teeth or other minor issues? If you answered yes to these questions, then veneers are probably the best solution for you! They also work for issues like discoloration, stains, and enamel loss. Your dentist can help you gauge your candidacy to ensure you get great results. They can help you figure out if veneers are right for you or if you should choose an alternative method to get a better smile.

Will It Hurt?

If you are afraid that getting veneers will hurt, we’re here to alleviate any stress. Veneers are pretty minimally invasive since they require no major surgery and typically fit pretty easily over your teeth. Does that mean they’re completely pain-free? Well, as close to that as possible with dentistry, most people only feel very minor pain or discomfort. If you feel severe pain during or after the treatment, then make sure you talk to your dentist and let them know what’s going on. A dental professional wants to ensure you feel comfortable during your appointment, so make sure you let them know if you’re feeling any pain.

Should I Clean Them?

Regular cleaning at home and your dentist office is critical for your veneers. Remember, they’re a lot like teeth and must be managed properly! Buy a whitening toothpaste to help keep them clean and shiny. Brush and floss twice daily to ensure you have great oral health. There are even specialized veneer-based kinds of toothpaste to consider, so talk with your dentist about prescription-based options to get the best results.

How Do I Maintain Them?

Few things in life are simple: veneers are no different. In a perfect world, you’d just put them on your teeth and never touch them again. Unfortunately, that’s just not how things work. Honestly, maintaining your veneers isn’t that hard. It’s important to remember to keep them clean to ensure they continue to look brand new. However, anyone with veneers also needs to regularly visit their dentist since they can help in so many unique ways. They can check the veneers for common problems, such as stains, cracks, or chips.

Regular visits with your dental specialist can spot problems with the veneers, get them clean again, and ensure you’re doing everything right. Talking with your dentist ensures that you’re on the right path. Make sure you get in touch with our dental team if you’re in need of an appointment.

Am I Able to Eat What I Want?

Most foods are perfectly safe when using veneers, which is one reason why they’re so popular. However, foods like caramel (or anything sticky) have a hard time with veneers and can be pretty damaging. Even otherwise healthy foods like uncooked fruits and veggies may be a problem. Hard candies should not be consumed, and anything else that’s chewy should probably be avoided. That does limit you a little bit, but thankfully, there are alternatives you can consider.

Should I Consider an Alternative?

Veneers aren’t necessarily the only way to improve your teeth. Not even close! There are other cosmetic care options that designed for all types of problems that can improve your teeth’s appearance. These provide benefits like faster application and specialized support.

For example, you might be able to get your teeth straightened, particularly if they wear out faster due to crooked layout. It’s smart to sit down and talk with your dentist to learn more! With their support, you can get the fantastic veneers you deserve.

Are There Side Effects?

Veneers are pretty simple to install and cause a few issues. You might feel slight discomfort for a few days after installation. Some people have tender gums while others might bleed slightly. In fact, most people love veneers and experience few issues.

According to Slone Dental, about 82.8% of all veneer patients love it. Of the remaining percentage, some people experienced minor side effects, including shifting veneers, that are easily managed with help from a local dentist. Take that into account before trying it out.

Can They Get Damaged?

Veneers are very strong, but they’re not impervious to damage. As mentioned before, eating certain foods can cause damage to them. Chewy foods are one of the main causes of veneer damage. That said, you can damage your veneers like you would normal teeth.

For example, smokers, coffee addicts, and soda drinkers can cause damage to their veneers. These items damage veneers and can stain them. Treat your veneers like you would your teeth to make them last longer.

Are you curious about getting veneers and want to learn more about them from a member of our team? Make sure you get in touch with our team at Bright Side Dental. We have years of experience offering various clients veneers to help them feel more confident about their smiles. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you get a beautiful smile again.

Regular trips to your dentist office simply can’t be stressed enough here. You shouldn’t just assume that your veneers are okay, even after asking all these questions. These questions are a good start on your journey, not the destination itself. Reach out to us if you’re still concerned about veneers. We’ll do what we can to help you make the smartest treatment choice possible. If you need a regular check-up appointment, then give us a call! We offer various dental services to fit all your needs.

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