The Many Benefits of Veneers

Have you been talking to some family dentists in your area and think you might want to try veneers? They’re an excellent choice for many! Over the years, veneers have garnered a reputation for excellence among dentists and patients, and they’re only getting more popular with each passing year. What’s going on with them? Let’s take a look at their many benefits to help you understand whether they’re right for you.

They Offer Appearance Enhancement

Teeth appearance matters; many people struggle to stay confident and happy when they have chipped or stained teeth. Fortunately, veneers can help no matter what’s wrong! By providing an extra shield over your teeth, they minimize problems with your oral health.

Don’t take this benefit lightly or think you’re being vain; your appearance matters! With professional veneer placement, you can boost your self-esteem and give yourself the smile you want to land your dream job.

They’re Made of Long-Lasting Materials

Veneers are designed to last for a very long time depending on their materials. For example, according to Healthline, the most durable veneer materials can last 30 or more years. Are there any other oral therapies that can provide that long-term benefits? Honestly, no: they’re just that good! Think of it as an amazing investment in yourself and your oral health.

They Resist Chips and Cracks

Getting chips and cracks on your teeth is never a good thing. When severe enough, they might cause extensive damage, like decay and cavities, that could devastate your teeth. Veneers help by providing a quick and effective covering that stops these minor imperfections from worsening. Veneers don’t heal these chips or cracks; they cover them. Furthermore, they can prevent other minor imperfections from affecting your real teeth, which saves you money and embarrassment in the long run.

They Offer Gap Control

The best family dentists can easily install veneers on your teeth to cover up gaps depending on their size. Why should you take this step in the first place? Gaps aren’t just ugly but are also damaging; some might cause long-term health issues, including severe tooth and gum decay if left unchecked.

Instead of falling victim to these problems, veneers can close your gaps and keep your smile stronger for longer. Can they help with braces? Yes, because veneers can keep your gaps consistent after treatment: after all, small gaps are healthy because food can fall out of your teeth more easily.

They Offer Filling Support

There are very few people who don’t have fillings, and veneers can keep them strong. How? Veneers can provide a strong covering over a filling, thus minimizing its exposure to wear-and-tear problems that might cause them to fall out.

Keeping your fillings safe is essential, as protecting their surface avoids long-term damage problems. Even better — especially for people prone to decay — it stops the fillings from falling out. Yes, that can happen, but veneers can reduce the risk and keep your oral health up to par.

They Offer a Natural Appearance

Keeping your teeth’s natural appearance strong is essential (nothing looks better than the real thing, after all). However, veneers come in at a close second: they’re really that good! Unlike other treatments, veneers look great.

Veneers create a style that’s as close to your healthy teeth as possible: strong and gorgeous; what’s not to love? Few other oral health processes create a natural look for your mouth. That makes them the go-to option for so many people who don’t love the appearance of their teeth!

They’re Stain-Resistant

Do you smoke, drink coffee, enjoy tea, or regularly sip on soda? All these habits can greatly stain your teeth, causing severe discoloration and even damage. Veneers, however, resist stains and keep your teeth safe. That’s a huge benefit you can’t ignore for your oral health.

Are veneers impossible to stain? No, but think of it this way: those stains aren’t on your real teeth! Even better, our family dentists have cleaning techniques that blast apart that buildup on your veneers. Rather than cleaning your teeth, we clean their shield — how cool is that for your oral health?

They’re Easy to Tolerate

When you think of oral appliances, you might imagine those large, bulky things parodied so well by “The Simpsons” many years ago. Modern dental items are nowhere near as ugly. Veneers are attractive and appealing without being excessive, so they’re great for many types of people of all ages.

For example, people with metal allergies do well with veneers: there’s not a single bit of metal in their whole design! They also don’t cause cuts while keeping your gums healthy and strong. That alone is reason enough to consider veneers, especially if you like the other benefits mentioned here.

They’re Covered By Insurance

In the past, options like veneers weren’t always supported by insurance, but that’s simply not the case anymore! With a proven track record of success, veneers provide many benefits that dentists can’t ignore anymore. As a result, it’s not difficult to get your veneers covered by your dental insurance, especially if you have a high-quality policy that focuses heavily on your overall health.

That’s huge, especially if you don’t have a lot of extra money for your veneers; getting them covered can keep you protected. Furthermore, it can provide all the other benefits above, which are critical to your oral health protection, to ensure that your mouth is strong, your teeth are in place, and your overall health is stronger for longer.

They Offer Overall Health Protection

Here’s something you might not realize: your dental health affects your overall well-being. How is that possible? Oral decay can trigger heart-related issues. Furthermore, it can spread infections throughout your gums, into the nerves, and the bloodstream.

Since veneers help protect your overall dental health, they’re a powerful way to avoid these concerns. Just as importantly, veneers look great while doing it! We can’t emphasize that enough, as few other high-quality oral health issues look as good as veneers. Their natural appearance and durable structure keep them strong for years without running into severe wear-and-tear issues.

They’re Easy to Maintain

You may wonder how easy it is to take care of veneers at home. Luckily, our team of talented and experienced family dentists is here to tell you that maintaining veneers at home is a breeze. They don’t require any special care aside from your typical flossing and brushing routine twice a day. On top of failing flossing and brushing in the comfort of your bathroom each morning and night, it’s still recommended to see your dentist for biannual check-ups to ensure your veneers are in perfect shape. It’s also best to keep your teeth and veneers protected when playing sports by using a mouth guard!

Working with skilled family dentists in your area can help protect your teeth by giving you great veneers with an amazingly durable surface. Designed for excellence, our veneers give you a literal physical shield to prevent oral decay, stains, and other devastating issues. Don’t hesitate to call Bright Side Dental today to ensure you get the full support you need to keep your teeth stronger for longer. We are eager to tell you more about our veneers!

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