Why You Should Treat Tooth Decay Right Away

We understand why you might not want to manage tooth decay right away, some people may find visiting dental offices scary! Perhaps that’s why, according to the CDC, over 26% of all American adults have untreated tooth decay. That’s one out of every four people you walk by on the street!

If you’re one of them, you shouldn’t be for a moment longer than necessary. Taking care of (even minor) decay is essential to do immediately. Letting it linger is basically inviting all sorts of problems to just take root in your mouth. Let’s take a look at some reasons to treat tooth decay as soon as possible

Prevent Cavities

Here’s the thing about dental decay: it almost always gets worse. For example, a small crack on your tooth’s surface could easily break down into larger and more devastating cavities. You simply can’t let this happen to you, especially since it’s so avoidable by getting treatment. By working with a dentist, you can spot cavities early and eliminate them. Fillings and other therapies help to patch up a cavity and stop it from worsening.

Cavity prevention is the root of all oral health treatments. Getting rid of cavities, or preventing them from ever developing, creates stronger and healthier teeth. Just as importantly, it can minimize other issues.

Early Problems Can Be Reversed

Have you ever heard the phrase “a stitch in time saves nine”? It’s absolutely true, especially with dental health. Spotting early problems is essential for your health.

For instance, let’s say you see evidence of gum loss or tooth decay after visiting your dentist. Rather than letting that problem worsen, you can get help to stay safe. It’s a long and tricky process, but it’s more than worth the effort.

That kind of early reaction speed might just save you a trip to the oral surgeon, especially if you’re smart about it! Spot these problems early, and dental offices can get right to work reversing any damage.

Dental Issues Can Cause Other Health Issues

No matter what dental offices you visit, you’ll hear the same thing: dental health is tied heavily to other issues. For instance, heart and even mental health all decline as oral decay worsens. Why would a rotting tooth impact your heart? Well, studies show a connection that’s deep and true.

Even worse, an infection in a decaying tooth can easily spread upwards into your nerves. What happens then? Some people develop palsies (such as Bell’s Palsy) that can affect their facial muscles and cause drooping skin. It’s easily avoidable, too, with regular treatment.

Tooth Loss Is a Painful Situation

Have you ever seen someone who’s lost a tooth or two and felt sorry for them? Well, how do you think they lost that tooth? Many lose them due to oral decay. You simply can’t let this problem worsen any further.

Let’s say you lose a single tooth to decay: is that really so bad? Well, even a single missing tooth can permanently change the shape of your face. Missing more than one can cause sagging and other issues that affect your appearance. That’s bad enough in itself, isn’t it?

Furthermore, tooth loss can be painful physically, and not just emotionally. When yours falls out, expect a lot of suffering and plenty of blood, which might occur at the worst possible time. No matter what your situation, it’s important to get the help that you need from our team of experts.

Retaining a Smile Is Important

As dental decay worsens, your smile will fade with each new problem. Imagine a smile where black marks, obvious faults, and missing teeth impact your grin. That’s not just an appearance issue but a real health problem that can threaten you.

For example, an ugly smile might trigger emotional problems that are very hard to fight, including self-esteem issues. Don’t take those lightly! Poor self-perception can make a person very unhappy and make life very difficult.

Even worse, as you lose teeth, your appearance will change. Not only that, but you’ll lose jaw bone and cause a chain reaction that can derail your smile. Just think, if you’d only just get your early decay managed, you’d be safe.

Gum Issues Are Painful

Oral decay doesn’t always stop at your teeth; in fact, it almost never does. Severe decay problems can easily spread to your gums. Infection here can then move through the rest of your mouth. That’s the kind of problem you simply can’t ignore if you want to stay healthy.

Imagine losing significant portions of your gums as you age: expect it with dental decay. Gum loss exposes you to gingivitis, further tooth failures, and other issues. Managing your dental decay right away would prevent this problem, so don’t make the same mistakes again.

Instead, call dental offices right away to set up an appointment. Professionals will not only spot your obvious tooth decay problems but track gum issues.

Early Recovery Is Easier

Delaying getting your teeth fixed is only going to worsen your recovery time. Just think about it: is it easier to bounce back from a quick cavity fix or a complete tooth replacement? Obviously, serious surgery requires longer recovery times, no matter what kind of care you receive.

It takes a few hours to recover from a filling procedure most of the time. In fact, some people might get back to their normal day-to-day life with minimal issues. But a dental implant can take weeks or even months for recovery, depending on your severity. If you can avoid this type of therapy, you can minimize unnecessary suffering.

Our team is more than ready to handle this process for you. We can provide an in-depth analysis of your oral health and figure out what’s affecting you. When it’s in the early stage, particularly before it intensifies, spotting these problems can minimize confusion.

By getting quick treatment from our specialists, you can cut back on your pain and ensure you get the help you need. It’s important that you talk with us right away and schedule your therapy. With our help, you can get the dental health support you need to recover to mitigate serious oral health care issues.

Calling high-quality dental offices, like Bright Side Dental, can ensure that you get the great oral care experience that you need. Let us know if you’ve spotted early signs of tooth decay, no matter how small, and we’ll do what we can to help you! It’s important to us that our patients get the help they need, so we work with multiple insurance types to cut back on your expenses. We look forward to treating you.

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