Ortho: There’s An App For That!

There are apps for mapping your runs, apps for organizing your schedule, apps for reserving a table, there’s even an app that will use a pirate voice to remind you where you parked your car. So, naturally, there’s apps for orthodontics patients. While these apps are all unique, they have a singular goal: helping your life run a little more smoothly.

While orthodontic treatment can add a temporary layer of complexity to life, the end result can make life easier. BracesInvisalign, and other orthodontic treatments are about more than just improving the look of your smile. Straightening teeth makes them fit together better, which helps prevent grinding teeth and makes them more resistant to chipping. Aligned, well-spaced teeth are also easier to eat with and easier to clean. The sooner they’re fixed, the less likely dental problems become later in life.

Although a beautiful smile isn’t the only reason to get orthodontic work, there’s nothing wrong with considering aesthetics. That’s why apps like Brace Yourself 2 and @Braces are so fun! With Brace Yourself 2, you can edit a selfie to see what you’ll like like with braces (and if you don’t love the look, Invisalign can now treat almost any case that braces can). @Braces is great for kids with braces who love to change their look because it lets you preview what different rubber band color combinations will look like on brackets. If you’d like to see what you’ll look like when your treatment is complete, come try our in-office app, PreNew Preview.

For parents of kids who need orthodontic work (or who need orthodontic work themselves), there are bound to be many questions. Apps like BracesHelp are great for answering questions between appointments, although you’re always welcome to call Bright Side or use our web chat feature. BracesHelp also has tips for improving comfort with braces, information on which foods to avoid, and more.

The main thing people want to know when they start wearing braces or Invisalign is when they can take them off. The best way to move through treatment quickly is to remember to attend every appointment and, if you have Invisalign, wear your aligner trays consistently. That’s where apps like Aligner Tracker come in. This app helps you track how long you wear your appliance and reminds you about upcoming appointments. @Braces, mentioned above, also lets you track appointments. If you have multiple family members in treatment, like Dr. Neme who put a whopping 8 kids through Invisalign Teen and braces, appointment reminders on your phone can be a huge help!

If you’re ready to get techy with your teeth, call Bright Side and schedule a free orthodontics consultation. We’re prepared to answer any questions you have and give you an honest opinion about the right treatment plan for you. We currently offer $2,000 off braces and free Zoom! Whitening upon completion of Invisalign treatment.

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