Teeth Whitening Services

Look, we’re not here to bad-mouth coffee. It’s essential. I mean seriously, can you imagine mornings without coffee? What kind of life is that? Coffee is cool and all, but here’s the rub: over time it can stain your teeth. Same thing with red wine, soda pop, tobacco, and tea. The more of these substances you consume, the more they can turn your pearly whites into dingy yellows. That's where Bright Side Dental's teeth whitening services come in.


Zoom Chairside System Teeth Whitening Services

Designed for patients with severe stains, the Zoom Chairside System works with Nite White to provide the greatest teeth whitening results in the shortest period of time. Walk in with yellow teeth, walk out with an amazing smile.

Nite White Teeth Whitening Services

It only takes two office visits to start using Nite White. At your first visit, impressions will be made of your teeth and custom gel-holding trays will be made to perfectly fit your smile. During your second visit — usually the next day — you’ll be fitted for your trays and receive the Nite White take-home kit which includes the whitening gel. The trays can either be worn overnight or during the day for approximately 14 days.

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Straight teeth without braces.

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Dental FAQ's

Bright Side Dental wants to do our best to help educate our patients. If your question is not listed below, please do not hesitate to call 1-800-Painless (1-800-724-6537).

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