Bloomfield Hills Tooth Discoloration Causes and Remedies

July 27, 2021

The teeth are central elements in any smile, and their whiteness plays a major role in this area for many of us. When teeth become… [Read More]

Why Braces Aren’t Only for Children

July 2, 2021

There are a few unfortunate misconceptions that exist within the realm of dentistry and the mouth, and one of these surrounds braces. It goes something… [Read More]

Dental Tips for Dealing With Halitosis (Bad Breath)

June 29, 2021

From time to time, most of us will deal with spats of bad breath on occasion, whether due to something we ate, going too long… [Read More]

Why Dental Implants Might be Right For You

June 4, 2021

For those looking to restore both the function and appearance of their teeth, one of the top options available today are dental implants. Meant to… [Read More]

Toothache Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

May 25, 2021

There are a number of frequently-seen dental issues out there in the world, and perhaps the single most common is the toothache. Caused by several… [Read More]

Signs You Should See a Warren TMJ Specialist

May 7, 2021

For those who suffer from them, particularly younger women, issues with the temporomandibular joint, also known as TMJ disorders, the results can be painful and… [Read More]

Gum Disease Types, Risks, Issues and Symptoms

April 13, 2021

While there are several important parts of the mouth and jaw that are involved in dental care, one of the most understated in many swaths… [Read More]

Dental Products Have A Shelf Life: How Old Is Your Toothbrush And Toothpaste?

January 3, 2020

It’s the New Year. Did you make a New Year’s resolution? A New Year’s resolution is a promise or a goal we set for ourselves… [Read More]

Don’t Miss These Dental Deals At Your Bright Side Dental

November 3, 2019

Have you been looking for a dentist near you that offers some really great dental deals on dental work you or your family needs? Bright… [Read More]

Quiz Time…By What Age Should Your Child Be Evaluated For Braces?

September 24, 2019

School will soon be out for the summer and I’m sure your family has lots on its summertime to-do list, namely relaxing by the pool… [Read More]

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