Wisdom Teeth Removal

Do I really need to get my wisdom teeth removed?

If you’re asking the question, deep down you probably already know the answer. You might not think getting your wisdom teeth removed is a big deal, but avoidance can cause a number of problems down the road, including pain (ouch), infection (double ouch) and damage adjacent teeth or roots (also bad).


We've got this down.

If you’re at least 17 years old and haven’t had your wisdom teeth removed, here are a few more reasons you should just rip off the band-aid and do it.

  • Your jaw may not be large enough for your wisdom teeth, and they may be unable to break through your gums.
  • One or more of your wisdom teeth may come in at an awkward angle, with the top of the tooth facing forward, backward, or to either side.
  • A more serious problem can develop from impacted teeth, such as infection or damage to other teeth and bone.

Not to brag or anything, but we’ve removed hundreds, if not thousands of wisdom teeth. We’ve got this down to a science and can ensure the quickest recovery time possible. Schedule a wisdom teeth removal consultation with Bright Side Dental & Orthodontics today to learn more about your wisdom teeth situation and to learn how we can help.

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