Meet the Smile Architects

At Bright Side Dental, we're more than just dentists. We are smile architects. We build sparkling smiles from the jaw up, handling every simple cleaning and complex procedure with creativity and precision. Whether you need braces, veneers or just some whitening, we’ll personalize our care to your unique situation, so every smile feels like a grand opening.

shiny tooth


Look, we’re not here to bad-mouth coffee. Or wine. Or anything else that's satisfying to you but not quite to your smile. Check out our brightening solutions to see what's best for your teeth.



Brace yourself for this: did you know there are two ways to straighten? Everyone's smile is different...and special to us. Both options are available for anyone, at any age no matter how big or small the fixer-upper is.

shiny tooth


Restore the radiance in your smile with implants, or consider yourself a king or queen with a new crown. Have a toothor a fewthat need some extra care? We do repairs!



Complete your smile by filling an empty slot where a tooth once lived or simply replace one that just isn't fitting in anymore. We have a solution for all the gaps.

Smile Architects & Smilers!

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