Why Dental Implants Might be Right For You

For those looking to restore both the function and appearance of their teeth, one of the top options available today are dental implants. Meant to look and function exactly like your normal teeth while also fitting naturally into your mouth with no discomfort, dental implants are used for a variety of needs and conditions.

At Bright Side Dental & Orthodontics, we’re happy to provide dental implants among our many family dentist services, assisting clients with any type of damage or condition they may be dealing with. What are some of the indicators that dental implants could be the right choice for the issues you’re experiencing? Here are several to keep in mind.

dental implants right you

Missing or Badly Broken Teeth

Have you recently undergone an injury or some other issue that resulted in a lost tooth? Not only might this be embarrassing and unsightly in your mouth, a missing tooth makes it harder to eat and creates significant risk of tooth decay due to additional space between teeth for bacteria to show up in.

Down similar lines, you may be dealing with a badly cracked or broken tooth you recently sustained, one that’s beyond the realm of repair. In both these cases, utilizing a dental implant is often the primary option at your disposal – this implant will look and feel just like your normal tooth, and you won’t even notice it after a few days. You’ll be able to feel confident while also performing all the proper jaw functions.

Loose-Fitting Dental Devices

In other cases, you may be dealing with a dental device that’s fitting poorly or loosely. This device may be dentures, partials or even bridges. If this is regularly an issue for you, and you find yourself constantly worried about your dentures becoming loose or simply falling out while you’re in public, dental implants are often a great alternative.

Sunken Appearance

Have you noticed that, if you wear dentures, your mouth has a caved-in or sunken appearance to it? This is unfortunately a common issue for those who wear dentures, and it speaks to bone loss (more on this in a moment). Dental implants, however, actually stimulate the growth of new, healthy bone tissue in the jaw around the area where they’re inserted, unlike dentures that do not.

Bone Loss in Jaw Area

We mentioned bone loss above, and it’s also a common reason why people opt for dental implants. In some cases, particularly for older adults, jaw bone tissue may erode over time, especially if you have missing teeth – there are no roots in place to help them grow. Implants, though, are screwed into the missing tooth socket and act as their own artificial tooth root, naturally bonding to the tissue and stopping bone loss issues.

For more on why dental implants might be right for you, or to learn about any of our general dentist services, speak to the staff at Bright Side Dental & Orthodontics today.

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