Emergency Dentist Bloomfield Hills

With emergency dental issues come not only pain but also the possibility of long-term damage if issues aren’t corrected quickly. For this reason, the team at Bright Side Dental in Bloomfield Hills is always here to provide emergency dental services on a short-notice basis, covering not only our own clients but also others.

Call us today at (248) 266-1647, or locate our information online. We’re happy to assist with numerous dental emergencies, from relatively limited concerns up to those that must be remedied immediately to relieve major pain or other conditions, such as issues following a vehicle accident or other major trauma.

Emergency Dentist Bloomfield Hills

Emergency Dental Issues

Emergency dental issues may arise due to a number of different causes and may present several different signs that they’re present. These signs include:

  • Consistent pain in the face, mouth, or tooth area
  • Persistent bleeding in the mouth
  • Broken jawbones or other facial bones
  • Any sign of infection in the mouth or jaw
  • Cracked, broken, loosened, or knocked-out teeth
  • Damaged fillings, crowns, bridges, or even devices like braces or other orthodontic items
  • Broken dentures (in older adults typically)

Immediate Action

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, or any others that are significant enough to warrant emergency dental service, it’s vital not to delay in obtaining assistance. Delaying treatment for even an hour or two may have significant negative results, increasing the risk of permanent damage while decreasing the ease with which a dentist will be able to remedy the issues.

If any of the above takes place, or if you’re in an accident of any kind where head and jaw trauma has taken place, call our emergency dental offices right away. We’ll help relieve pain quickly while allowing you to avoid long-term complications whenever possible.

Assisting All Patients

We feel it’s important to note that for the area of emergency dentistry, we do not discriminate between patients who are registered with us for standard dental services and those who aren’t. You do not need an appointment or an account with us to receive our emergency dental services, as we believe the right thing to do is to offer these to anyone who might be in need if our offices are the closest available option.

To learn more about any of our emergency dental services in Bloomfield Hills, or the situations in which they might be needed, call the pros at Bright Side Dental at (248) 266-1647 today.

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