Emergency Dentist in St. Clair Shores, MI

Emergencies rarely happen between 9 and 5 — that’s why Bright Side Dental - St. Clair Shores offers emergency service in the evenings and on the weekend. We hope you never have a dental emergency, but if you do, call (586) 200-4522 and you will be put in touch with a dentist who will assess your condition and provide instructions about the next steps.

Emergency Dentist in St. Clair Shores, MI

What Constitutes a Dental Emergency?

Some dental emergencies are obvious, but not all of them are. That’s why we always urge patients to call our dentist's office, even if they are unsure because we want you to err on the side of caution. Below, we offer some guidance about what a dental emergency is.

  • Pain: You may or may not know what’s causing your pain, but dental pain can sometimes come out of nowhere. If it lasts for many hours or you are unable to sleep due to your pain, call us.
  • Bleeding: Whether you’ve had a tooth extraction, your child has lost a tooth naturally or you have been in an accident, some bleeding is to be expected. Bleeding that continues for many hours, however, is cause for concern. Call our dentist's office.
  • Infection: Signs of infection include redness, swelling, tenderness, throbbing pain, fever, bad taste in the mouth, sensitivity to heat and cold, sensitivity to pressure, and swollen lymph nodes. You may not be sure you have an infection, but if you do, it can be a true emergency. Call us to report your symptoms.
  • Broken bones in the face or jaw: Broken bones are often the result of accidents or fights. You may think you should go to the emergency room, but frequently they do not have oral and maxillofacial surgeons on staff, so it’s better to contact us first.
  • Tooth trauma: Car accidents, sports injuries, and physical fights are frequently the cause of broken or knocked-out teeth. When you call us, we’ll give you important instructions on how to preserve the tooth or pieces while you’re making your way to our office.
  • Broken braces: Sometimes wax is sufficient to cover a loose wire for a short time, but at other times, broken braces are an emergency. Consult with us to prevent injuries from broken braces.
  • Broken or lost fillings and crowns: If you don’t accidentally swallow a filling or crown that has fallen out, save it so we can try to reattach it. This isn’t always an emergency, but sometimes having a filling or crown fall out is painful. When you’re in pain, call us.
  • Broken bridges or dentures: When bridges or dentures break, it can be an emergency if it prevents you from eating. Call our office to discuss the situation with a dentist.

Trust the dentists at Bright Side Dental & Orthodontics to determine whether your dental problem is an emergency. Not getting prompt attention for a dental emergency can result in permanent damage. Call the after-hours number of our St. Clair Shores office to speak to a dental professional whenever you have a dental emergency and the office is closed.

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