Farmington Emergency Dentist

There’s no waiting period or application, even if you aren’t one of our normal patients. Call us today at (248) 621-4654 or contact us online to find out more information about any of our emergency dentistry services.

Farmington Emergency Dentist

At Bright Side Dental, while we provide numerous dental services to all our clients, we’re also proud to offer robust emergency dentist services for all those experiencing such issues in Farmington, Michigan. These services, which are available even to patients of other dentists, are offered on short notice and cover a wide variety of potential dental emergencies, including those that are severe and require immediate attention.

Dental Emergencies and Immediacy

One theme we regularly drive home to our patients is the need for immediate attention if any dental emergency does take place. Many of the issues that qualify as dental emergencies are not only painful in the immediate sense, but also come with a risk of long-term complications or even permanent damage – and this risk only increases the longer you delay in receiving treatment.

This is why our emergency dental services are offered on a short-notice basis. We know our patients don’t have any time to wait if they’re experiencing an emergency, and we’ve constructed our emergency services to be fully prepared here.

Qualifying Dental Emergencies

There are a number of areas that may qualify as a dental emergency, but the point here for anyone experiencing these issues is not to arrive at a full diagnosis. Rather, if you have any of the following symptoms taking place, it’s often a sign that you need immediate dental emergency service:

  • Regular or significant bleeding in the mouth
  • Constant pain in the mouth, face, or teeth
  • Specific signs of infection in the mouth, such as notable redness or inflammation
  • Cracked, broken, loosened, or knocked-out teeth
  • A broken jaw or other broken facial bones
  • Damaged orthodontic devices, such as braces or others
  • Broken fillings, crowns, bridges, or even dentures for older adults

Again, call our offices immediately if any of these issues are taking place

Open to All

As we noted above, we’re proud to offer our emergency dental services to anyone in need in the Farmington area, not just those who have visited our offices before. We know that not all dental emergencies conveniently take place when you’re close to your own dentist and it’s easy to schedule a visit – if we’re your best option, we’ll happily provide you with emergency dental services and figure out the details later.

For more on our emergency dentist services in Farmington, Michigan, or to learn about any of our dental services, speak to the staff at Bright Side Dental today.

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