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Do you have young children in your home? Have they been evaluated by an orthodontist yet? Do you know what age they should get braces? If you’re like me you might guess around middle school age, or basically around the pre-teen years. Well, I was wrong. Did you know that the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) recommends children be evaluated by an orthodontist by age 7? You can learn a lot of information about orthodontic treatment by visiting their website. The AAO explains that treatment may not necessarily start at such a young age, but it is best to be evaluated while the jaw is still developing in case early intervention is in fact necessary. Huh. Ok, well I need to make an appointment for my 3rd grader to see the orthodontist asap!

So why might your child need orthodontic treatment? There are a variety of reasons which can include crooked or crowded teeth or teeth that have large gapping or spacing. These things could have been caused by tooth decay, losing baby teeth too early or having to have an extraction, or even thumb sucking. Problems with teeth can just be how they naturally developed. Your child’s bite can also be an indicator of needing braces. Either an over bite or under bite can both be cause for needing orthodontic treatment. An over bite is when the upper jaw is bigger than the lower jaw. An under bite is when the lower jaw is bigger than the upper jaw.

So what should you do if you have a child in need of an orthodontic consultation? The Bright Side Dental location you already visit has orthodontists on staff who can evaluate your child’s smile. You can call the office you visit directly, or call 1-800-PAINLESS, or visit the website for live support online to help you schedule a free consultation. If you are wondering whether or not your child’s dental insurance covers braces or any other orthodontic treatment, one of Bright Side Dental’s friendly and knowledgeable insurance coordinators can find that information out for you. But remember, the consultation is free and will provide you with valuable information about your child’s orthodontic needs now and in the future.

If your child is due for their regular cleaning and checkup, why not take care of both appointments at once? Your child can have their cleaning and see the orthodontist during the same appointment, just to make it extra convenient for you. Call today to set up a free orthodontic consultation.

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