Preparing For A Root Canal

Root canals have gotten a bad rap over the years. Some people are so nervous about the pain they think root canals cause that they avoid treatment, risking even more pain. The truth of the matter is that root canals aren’t so bad. In fact, with the right staff and technology, they don’t have to be painful at all.

There’s no reason to be afraid of a root canal procedure, especially when Bright Side Dental is on the job. Our Royal Oak dentists are the best at what they do, and work doubly hard to ensure you’re both mentally and physically comfortable throughout your root canal procedure.

The first thing to know when preparing for a root canal is that it’s OK to express your feelings. Don’t internalize your anxiety or discomfort. Even if the feelings are mild, let our staff know so we can alleviate any concerns you have.

Here are five other ways to prepare for your root canal procedure:

  • You’ll get through it: Avoid eating, smoking and drinking alcohol for at least 12 hours before your root canal. If that seems like a long time, just consider it’s only about the same length as a flight from Detroit to Honolulu! We know that refraining from eating, drinking and smoking might be difficult, especially if you’re feeling anxious, but you’ll get through it.
  • Side note: After your root canal procedure, avoid chewing on the side of the mouth that was treated. You should also be mindful of what you eat. Sticky foods such as Skittles and Starburst are clearly not the best choice for someone recovering from a root canal (or in general).
  • No medication: Do not take medication prior to your root canal procedure unless it has been approved by your dentist. If you’re on medication, talk to your dentist. If he discourages you from taking the medicine, contact your primary care physician to explain the situation. It’s always better to ask too many questions than not enough.
  • Dress for comfort: While root canal pain isn’t all that intense, sitting in the same position for over an hour can be painfully boring. Prepare for a relatively long period of sitting by dressing comfortably. Our staff will not judge you, but may ask where you got those shoes.
  • Ask your dentist: Your dentist might have specific suggestions relating to your root canal. He will most likely tell you what you need to know in advance, but just in case he doesn’t, speak up and ask.

Whether you’re having a dental emergency or need routine dental work, contact our Warren dentist office. Our emergency dentists provide same-day emergency dental care for all new and existing patients — just one of the many benefits of being a Bright Side Dental patient.

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