Interested In The Dental Field? The Michigan Dental Assisting School Could Be For You!

Have you always wanted a career in the field of dentistry? Becoming a dental assistant is a great way to become a part of the world of dentistry. It is a fulfilling and rewarding career that can be long-lasting and lucrative. What is a dental assistant? Dental assistants are valuable members of a dental office team. The dental assistant’s main function is to assist the dentist in his or her treatment so that it can be done more efficiently. Dental assistants have a variety of duties including assisting the dentist during dental procedures, taking x-rays, communicating with patients, providing patients with after-care instructions or other oral care information, taking impressions, preparing treatment rooms, sterilizing x-rays, and much much more.

If becoming a dental assistant is something that sounds interesting to you, I would encourage you to check out schooling available from the Michigan Dental Assisting School. The Michigan Dental Assisting School (MDAS) is located in Bloomfield Hills on Woodward Ave. The mission of the Michigan Dental Assisting School is to provide a unique educational opportunity for anyone who is interested in dental assisting as a career. MDAS has built an environment where each person is valued and respected and their students are able to focus on gaining a stimulating education which leads to excellence and leadership in the dental field.

At MDAS, students learn all aspects of dental assisting including how to operate and maintain dental equipment, how to expose and prepare dental x-rays, how to apply topical anesthetics, how to take tooth impressions, how to assist in patient care and instruction, and how to schedule patients and maintain dental records. You’ll also learn valuable job interviewing skills through your training. Students also receive job placement assistance, a certificate of completion after the 10-week course and a letter of recommendation for future employers.

If you think dental assisting school may be right for you, I encourage you to visit the Michigan Dental Assisting School website or call 866-776-0224. You’ll receive excellent training along with hands-on experience that will make your transition into a career as a dental assistant one you’ll take on with confidence. The dental field is constantly growing so there are many opportunities for dental assistants for part-time and full-time jobs after completing the program. Why wait? Invest in your future today! Call MDAS for more information now.

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