What Makes Regular Dental Cleanings So Important?

Your dental health is an important aspect of your overall well-being and health. The foundation of your dental health is dental cleanings. If you aren’t consistent with dental cleanings, it can have far-reaching negative effects. Many people are discouraged from dental cleanings because they don’t have dental insurance. According to The Guardian, roughly 74 million Americans live without dental insurance. Whether you have insurance or not, though, you should prioritize cleanings. Here are a few reasons why.

Preventing Tooth Decay

A dentist is a very important teeth cleaner, and visiting one twice a year is necessary to prevent tooth decay. Although daily brushing and flossing are obviously important, you need regular dental cleaning to get the built-up tartar off your teeth that regular brushing just can’t remove. If you don’t have this taken care of it can lead to a handful of oral problems, including cavities and tooth decay.

Getting Oral Screenings

A dental cleaning visit isn’t all about cleaning. During a dental visit, your dentist will also screen you for oral disease and oral cancer. These are important health screenings that you shouldn’t skip. Early intervention for some types of disease is crucial to getting effective treatment. This is especially true for oral cancers.

Taking X-Rays

During your dental visit you’ll have dental X-rays done. X-rays are essential to help dentists predict future problems that might be developing in your mouth. X-rays are important to have on file for future reference, too.

Cutting Down on Gum Disease

When you visit the dentist for a dental cleaning, your teeth aren’t the only thing to be examined and cleaned. Your gums are also examined. Gum disease can have a devastating effect on your oral health. Gum disease can eat away at gum tissue leaving your teeth vulnerable to decay and loosening. A dentist will be able to screen you for signs of disease. If it appears you have early stages of gum disease, they can perform specialized cleaning procedures to avert this problem.

Getting Orthodontic Screening

Another important service you receive at a dental visit will be screening for orthodontic services. If you have overcrowding or bite issues, your dentist can recommend that you visit an orthodontist for help.

These are just a few reasons why you shouldn’t put off dental cleanings and visits. If you’re looking for a reliable teeth cleaner in your area, please contact Bright Side Dental today. We are here for your dental needs.

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